Hurricane Isaac May Come to Pensacola?

Be ready. If Hurricane Isaac comes to Pensacola, you need to be prepared.

What causes damage from hurricanes?

If you live near the bay or gulf, you could experience rising storm water. Rising storm water is the largest cause of major damage during a hurricane.

The second largest cause of damage is from trees falling on buildings. This causes more damage than you think. Sure, winds may blow objects around and into windows. But the second biggest cause of damage is trees. If a tree falls on your home, water instantly seeps in. From what the reports are saying, Isaac will bring lots of rain.

What should you do if you experience damage?

Your insurance company wants you to do everything you can to minimize damage. First, call a professional water damage restoration company. In Pensacola, Premium Carpet Care and Restoration is available 24 hours a day during these emergencies. Visit their site at now.

If your roof is damaged by a tree, use a tarp to cover up the roof.

If your home has rising water inside, call a water damage professional to extract the water.  After the water is extracted, special drying machines can be brought in to dry the rest of the building.

With water damage problems, the solution is FAST ACTION.  DO NOT WAIT.   The longer you wait, the more damage occurs to your home.  Act fast.  You can call Premium Carpet Care and Restoration at 850-474-1133 right away to take care of your water damage problems.

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