Hurricane Isaac May Come to Pensacola?

Be ready. If Hurricane Isaac comes to Pensacola, you need to be prepared.

What causes damage from hurricanes?

If you live near the bay or gulf, you could experience rising storm water. Rising storm water is the largest cause of major damage during a hurricane.

The second largest cause of damage is from trees falling on buildings. This causes more damage than you think. Sure, winds may blow objects around and into windows. But the second biggest cause of damage is trees. If a tree falls on your home, water instantly seeps in. From what the reports are saying, Isaac will bring lots of rain.

What should you do if you experience damage?

Your insurance company wants you to do everything you can to minimize damage. First, call a professional water damage restoration company. In Pensacola, Premium Carpet Care and Restoration is available 24 hours a day during these emergencies. Visit their site at now.

If your roof is damaged by a tree, use a tarp to cover up the roof.

If your home has rising water inside, call a water damage professional to extract the water.  After the water is extracted, special drying machines can be brought in to dry the rest of the building.

With water damage problems, the solution is FAST ACTION.  DO NOT WAIT.   The longer you wait, the more damage occurs to your home.  Act fast.  You can call Premium Carpet Care and Restoration at 850-474-1133 right away to take care of your water damage problems.

What To Do First When You Have Water Damage

Water damage can be a really tough carpet cleaning situation to find yourself in. Unfortunately, it is one of the issues that has many homeowners stumped. This problem does not occur that often which is why many people still don’t know what to do first if this predicament occurs in their home.

It is vital to know what is the first thing you should do in this situation as it can very well make all the difference on whether you are able to save your carpet form being ruined. To guide you, I will help you out by giving you the important first step on restoring your water-damaged carpet.

The first thing that you should do whenever you have water damage on your carpet is to carefully assess the damage. This included assessing where the water came from and how you can stop it. This is vital because if you just don’t resolve the source of the problem you’ll just continue having a lot of water on your carpet.

This initial assessment also includes checking on whether the water is sanitary or unsanitary. This is important since this would help out in developing the proper course of action to take.

Water Damage Guide: What Not To Do When Cleaning Up Water Damage

Water damage and cleaning up this kind of mess is no easy task. You would need to exert a lot of time and effort in order to successfully restore your carpet to the way it was before.

But even if you spend a lot of time working at restoring your water-damaged carpet if you are doing the wrong things then you still won’t be able to save your carpet from being ruined. Here are some of the things that you should not do when cleaning up water damage.

• Not Drying the Carpet Thoroughly – A carpet needs to be thoroughly dried in order for you to be able to properly restore it. Not doing so can bring about molds and mildew that is a completely other problem you’ll have to worry about.
• Not Disinfecting the Carpet – A lot of bacteria and germs can get onto your carpet from the water and not disinfecting it can only lead to sickness and health concerns that your household can suffer.

Doing things right is important if you want to save your carpet. Be sure to avoid doing the things above to help save your carpet from being completely destroyed because of the water damage.

Important Things Needed in Restoring Your Carpet

Nobody wants to have to deal with water damage on your carpet. Having to extract a large volume of water on the carpet doesn’t exactly make for an enjoyable time. Restoring the carpet isn’t easy but it is doable as long as you know what to do.

In restoring a water damaged carpet, it is vital that you have some important things on hand to help you get the results you need. Here is a list of some urgent things that you should have when you are restoring your water-damaged carpets.

• Industrial Fans – Industrial fans are important in drying the carpet after water damage. It is vital that you elevate the soaked carpet and then use the industrial fans to thoroughly dry it up.
• Carpet Disinfectant – Disinfecting the carpet is one of the important things that you should do when restoring the carpet. Not doing this can really make it tough as a lot of bacteria, germs, molds, and mildew can devastate the carpet. That is why it’s important to have a good disinfectant when restoring your carpet.

Carpet water damage is a very hard problem but with the important things above on hand you can make water damage restoration a little easier.

More Water Damage Restoration Errors You Should Not Commit

Water damage is a devastating problem that can really cause a major headache for any homeowner. Who wants to have a ton of water get on your carpet and cause structural damage on it? I know it can be a very tough situation to be in but thankfully it is not a problem without a solution.

There are ways that will enable you to restore your carpet to its former glory but you need to do this properly and correctly. Not doing so will only cause more trouble and you can even end up completely ruining your carpet. Here are more water damage restoration errors that you should avoid.

• Not Cleaning the Carpet Quickly – Acting fast and quickly cleaning up the water damage on the carpet is vital if you are to have the best chance of getting it back to normal. Don’t let too much time pass before cleaning up the water damage as this will only risk your carpet to be completely ruined beyond repair.
• Not Drying the Carpet Completely – Drying the carpet after water damage is very important if you are to save your carpet. Always make sure that you completely dry the carpet before using it again to avoid having molds, mildew and bacteria from causing more problems for you.

Water Damage Restoration Tips

Water damage has become one of the common problems for homeowners. It is difficult to handle because it doesn’t occur frequently thus carpet owners don’t really know what to do in this situation. To guide you as well as the countless homeowners who are facing this tough ordeal, let me share with you some of the water damage restoration tips that you can find very useful.

• Figure Out the Source of the Water Damage – This is the first thing that you should do. Don’t try to do anything to restore the carpet unless you have solved the source of the water damage. It could be an overflowing toilet or a leaking pipe, whatever it is make sure you get it fixed to stop more water from getting on your carpet.
• Check the Kind of Water Damage You Have – There are two kinds of water damage, the sanitary and the unsanitary water damage. The first one deals with water from overflowing sinks or leaky pipes, generally clean water sources. This can be dealt with easier than the latter, which involves wastewater on the carpet. Figuring out which is which can help you in making a plan of action.

These two tips may not sound like much but they can help you a lot in trying to save your carpet from water damage. Good luck!

Water Damage 101: Advantages of Getting Professional Water Restoration Services

No carpet owner wants to have to restore and clean up a water-damaged carpet. This can be a very tough and tiring job and definitely something that can really take up a lot of time and effort. But what else can a carpet owner do if he is in this very tough situation?

Well, one solution that you can do if you find yourself in this predicament is to hire a professional carpet cleaner to restore your carpet for you. This can be really advantageous and to help convince you of this, here are some of the benefits that you can enjoy.

• Convenience – No need to worry about doing all the work yourself. By hiring professional water restoration services, you can just sit back and let the experts do the job.
• Expert Results – They are not called professionals for nothing. With professional carpet cleaners restoring your carpet for you, they will assuredly give it their all and provide you with an expertly cleaned carpet at the end of the day.

If ever you are faced with water damage on your carpet, be sure to consider hiring a professional carpet cleaner to restore your carpet for you. It’ll be a decision which you’ll surely not regret.

Reasons Why You Should Clean Up Water Damage Right Away

Have you ever had water damage in your carpet? If yes then you definitely can attest to how difficult and challenging the problem can be. It is one of the toughest carpet cleaning problems and one which many carpet owners have difficulty with.

One of the keys to dealing with water damage on the carpet is to clean it right away. It is vital that you take quick action and to try and restore the carpet immediately in order to have the best chance of getting it back to normal. Here are some of the top reasons why you should clean up water damage right away.

• To Prevent Structural Damage – As you probably know already, water and carpets don’t really mix all that well together. The longer the carpet is exposed to a lot of moisture and water the higher the chances that there will be extensive structural damage.
• To Avoid Molds and Mildew – Molds and mildew can be quite a problem, and prolonged exposure to water can contribute to its development on your carpet. Certainly one thing that you don’t want happening.

Always ensure that you restore your water-damaged carpet right away so that you won’t have to deal with the tough issues listed above.

What Are the Common Sources of Water Damage

Water damage is something that no carpet owner would want to experience. Unfortunately it has become a big problem that is commonly experienced by people as of late. It occurs when a lot of water gets onto the carpet and causes a lot of damage to it. This can be very devastating as it can make your carpet unusable and beyond repair.

But what exactly are the causes of water damaged carpets? Let’s take a look at some of the common sources of water damage to help you know more about this very tough carpet cleaning problem.

• Natural Disasters – Disasters such as typhoons and hurricanes can really be disastrous to properties and homes. One unfortunate effect of these disasters is flooding which can get into your homes and cause water damage to your carpet.
• Leaking Pipes – Indoor plumbing can also be another common source of water damage. Unknown to some homeowners, there may be leaks and tiny holes in their water pipes and overnight they could be surprised to see a puddle of water on their carpet.

These are two of the most common sources of water damage on carpets. Knowing these could be a big help as you can now take the proper measures to ensure that this doesn’t happen in your home.

Errors to Avoid When Dealing With Water Damage

Water damage can be a devastating experience for any homeowner. It happens usually when there is a large volume of water due to flooding or faulty plumbing which gets onto the carpet. Carpets and a lot of water just isn’t a good mix as the moisture can cause a lot of structural damage as well as cause a lot of other problems that can render the carpet unusable.

This is very tough and dealing with it properly can take a lot of work. Unfortunately, some homeowners end up making mistakes which can make the situation even worse. Here are some mistakes that you should avoid when dealing with water damage.

• Forgetting to Disinfect The Carpet – Bacteria and germs can be found in the source of the water damage and not disinfecting the carpet only means that it stays there and can potentially cause sickness and diseases to you and your family.
• Not Calling Professional Help – Some homeowners don’t admit to themselves that they can’t do the job and they don’t call for help from professional cleaners. This can be a big mistake that leads to the destruction of your carpet. Always ask for professional help whenever you are unable to do the task properly.